Blew out my 36's ancient OEM main and got this to keep sailing until the new North Sails genoa and main arrived.

It was only used on 3-4 short trips around Puget Sound in very benign conditions. Maybe hoisted a dozen times on day sails.

This is Rolly Tasker's top-of-the-line Offshore Performance model built specifically for the Catalina 34.
However, the only difference between the two boats' mainsails is 6" less luff on the 34, same 12.0 foot

It was 6" short of full hoist as seen in the picture.

Luff 38.5, Leech 40.25, Foot 12.0 - 8 oz Dacron heavy duty material and construction

Two reef points, Foot shelf, Cunningham Two draft stripes, four telltales at the leech,
Three sets of port and starboard telltales on the chords

Priced at $950 which is less than 1/3 of my new North Sails main.

This sail cannot be distinguished from new. Includes new sail bag.

A water spot on the lens looks like a smudge.on the sail.

Located in Gig Harbor, Washington.