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Fix broken forum?

We seem to be heading in the wrong direction here.  I'm happy to help but I feel we are talking about decisions being made by someone, for reasons I cannot fathom,  not technical issues.  Who is responsible for making these decisions and how can members have a say in it?

1.  Seeing posts stating the length limit will not allow them to post the information on the forum means that this adminstrative decision is robbing the users of valuable information and making the forum essentially useless.  The reasoning to "force" articles, as should have been expected, we are just losing valuable information.

2.  Blocking access to non-paying members (Google Search issue

3.  Tapatalk

Overall, this site is just not as useful as it was before the change.  If we are not able to maintain a forum then maybe we should create a Catalina 36 section on catalinaowners.com which has a non-restricted free forum.  

(out of characters! ridiculous)


2000 C36 MKII 1825


2000 C36 MKII 1825

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And not to mention no Personal message (PM) functions...

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I'd like to second the tapatalk complaint,  we live aboard from May-Sept,  and it's such a convenient way to use the forum from a tablet. 


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With apologies to those who worked on the new web site, this is not an improvement. I can't say that there is a single aspect that I like better than what we had before.


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I hope everyone will give this some time. Development of the new site was not a short term project and is still in some form of debugging.I thank those willing to enter comments that can help with improving the experience for all members.














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Laura,  I appreciate all of the work people have done on this.  Really I do.    We are just trying to point out that with the right, FREE forum software a completly inexperienced moderator could go in and change these settings such as message length in just a few moments.  No lengthy "debugging" period should be needed.  I know you spent money for a consultant to put you onto this software, but either he did a miserable job or he chose this forum software for his own personal reasons.   This really should not be all that dificult.  Check out the free SMF software used on the C34.org forum. 


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Hard to read the light blue letters.

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