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New Website is Live


The new website is live and all the domain names that the organization owns point to www.catalina36.org   If you have specific problems, please contact us .  Otherwise if you have problems or suggestions, please post them here so that we can share information with all the members.  We welcome your feedback and hope you like the new site.

Sue Griesbach and Bob Langan

Dana Point, CA


Sue Griesbach and Bob Langan

Dana Point, CA

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Sue the site is beautiful, nice work!


Larry Robcke
MKl Tech Editor S/V  L' Amante #319, 1984 C36
Sailing Long Island sound and the Hudson River

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The new site is great.  Thanks!


Kevin Schempf
"Windfall"  #1918
 2000 C-36 Mk II TR/WK
 Traverse City, Michigan

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I love the new appearance of the web site!  It sure freshened up the image. It will probably take some time to get use to it.


Glenn Druhot
Carpe Diem
New Bern, NC
35* 6' 10" N / 77* 2' 30" W
2001 C36, Hull #1965
Std Rig; Wing Keel; M35B

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Shawn f
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Hello there, 

Well I'm new here, but I have followed along with the forum for a few years, and it was the forum that helped me see the 36 as a boat I will purchase in a year or so.  I also read quite a bit about the 34 on their forum as well.  I guess my point is, without the forum I may not have found the 36 as desirable as it is.  I do understand the need for memberships, and I was planning on joining when I retire in the next year and purchase a boat. I guess my question is, why the change? As far as I can tell, you're about the only group that no longer allows folks to view their forum without a membership. At least of the ones I read. I would think viewing the forum would invite one to see the benefits of the boat and the association. It did for me.  Just curious.  By the way, it does look great.

Shawn Fleck 1990 C-36 Mk1 
wing keel walk through transom 
Innisfree Alberta
Docked in Gibson's Harbour, Bc
​Hull # 1038
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I agree! Is the change to prevent non-members from viewing the forum purposeful or accidental?


s/v Portmanteau
Hull #2133 -- 2003 MKII
Seattle, WA

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hi Shawn,

making the Forums accessible to members only was by design.  A few things lead us to this decision:

There has been more and more technical content going into the (free) forums and less and less technical content going into the (paid) Technical section of the website.  So people might ask, "what's the benefit of joining if I can get most of the useful information for free?"

The website needed updating for security purposes and database fixes.  We needed paid experts to help

We want to keep the website viable for years to come, even as members and volunteers come and go.  The member dues allow us to do that by contracting with a 3rd party to handle website maintenance and improvements

We encourage members to submit articles to the website in addition to participating in the forums!



Sue Griesbach and Bob Langan

Dana Point, CA

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Great looking upgrade to the site.  However, I'm having issues reading the contents because of the lack of contrast betwen the responses and the page forms. 


Still a Thrill # 765
Lake Texoma, TX

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Nice work, a great clean WEB, is it custom or did you use a template?



John Meyer
C36 MKll, Hull 2135

Cabrillo Marina, San Pedro, CA

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Are you planning to add a "New Posts" button like on the old forum? I check in from time to time and used to click on New Posts to see what I had missed. It's very convenient.



Deja Vu
1991 MK I # 1106
Marina del Rey, CA

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When you go to the forums now the first page you see is a list of forums and new posts are flagged there.  Also, on the Home Page, the most recent forum posts show up on the right hand side of the page.



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Great job, Sue! A big step forward. Thanks to all who cntributed time and expertise.


Larry Brandt
S/V High Flight #2109
Pacific Northwest, PDX-based
2002 C-36 mkII SR/FK M35B

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Thank you for a great upgrade.  This site is invaluable.

Like a Ralph mentioned in post #7, I find that the text size and color scheme/lack of contrast make it difficult for me to read.  Any way for the users to increase text size and color, i.e. to black?



Ken Akers
1995 C-36 MkII #1378  SR/FK  M35A
San Francisco Bay

Solla Sollew
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If yer browser is Firefox, try holding Control and pressing the + key. A quick way to zoom in.


Marc & Susan Garcia
"Solla Sollew" #1473, Mk.II
 San Buenaventura, Ca.

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Yes, a slightly darker text would help. 

Is there somewhere in the user control panel to adjust this?

I will take a look around and see.

Otherwise, it all looks great.



Cat375 - Rock The Boat - Hull 54
Lake Macquarie - NSW - Australia

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Thank you for the recent updates - I find it much easier to read the text now.


Ken Akers
1995 C-36 MkII #1378  SR/FK  M35A
San Francisco Bay

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