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Actual composting head installs

I've seen a few discussions about composting head installs in my searches of the site, but I haven't found any where people have actually completed the install and checked back in with details. 

If you have a composting head, which one did you purchase and can you please post a couple photos of it installed? I assume I'll need to extend the "step" the head is on, but I'd like to know what we're getting in to on the install. If this in uncharted waters I'll be sure to grab some photos and post up the info. 

'86 Catalina 36
Work in progress!

'86 Catalina 36
Work in progress!
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I am on the verge of installing one (trying to decide which one.) so this topic is of interest to me too.  I hate being a trailblazer!

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There are 2 sailboats in my maraine that have composting toliets will call the to find out what kind they have .They both are very happy with them and say there are no smells


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