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John H
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Microwave Solution

I purchased a Mainstay 700 watt microwave from Walmart $60.00.  It is 9 3/4" high, so I cut approximately 1/4" from the lower trim with a jigsaw and razor blade.  Sanded it flush with the shelf, and it fits perfectly.  Easy job and only took 45 mins.  I still need to varnish the cut trim and figure a way to secure it to the shelf.  There are two rubber feet in the front, but they do not appear to screw in.  I'll figure it out on my next trip. 

John & Liz
Kleiner Hund
1998 C36 MK II
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John & Liz
Kleiner Hund
1998 C36 MK II
Gloucester Point, VA
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Looks beautiful John. How is it held in place to prevent it from falling out when heeling?


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Hi John, that looks great. Is there any "headroom" in the cabinet, so the micro could be lifted up and it's feet up and over a fiddle that could be set back, and glued in place just ahead of the feet? That would keep it in place when heeling to stbd.

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I bought the same unit and am thinking instead of cutting bottom of the lower trim I am going to make spacer boards so door will clear and open.  As far as keeping unit in place when heeling I was thinking about a couple dollups of something like liquid nail on the front of said spacers?  Unit will be stuck to spacers and spacers will be stopped by lower trim.  If I ever want to remove would only have to seperate with a putty knife?  Thoughts???  Mike

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