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Shop vac vacuum?

Anyone have a recommendation on a durable wet/dry vacuum they store on the their C36? 
I'm trying to find something with enough sucking power, but also one that I can easily store out of they way.
Many seem small in term of measurements, but may still be difficult for out of the way storage on a C36.
Suggestions appreciated....
Tom r

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Check out this thread. Lots liked the bucket vac from home depot



Les & Trish Troyer
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WE have the 1.5 Gallon 2hp shopvac.  Easy to store and great suction.
Great for clearing water out of the bilge and any other mess we seem to be able to throw at it.
Has a paper filter that is a pain to change - but I think the newer ones are better.
About $25 at walmart.


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I have one of the small ones from Home Depot. Does what I need and I use it in reverse to blow up my inflatable dinghy. Beats the heck out of the manual foot pump. After I get it as hard as I can, I top it off with the foot pump.


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Great idea for blowing up the dinghy!

Duncan McNeill
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2.5 HP Craftsman wet dry vac for $30. Great size & power for Catalina 36.  


peter g

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Go with a cordless wet vac dewalt so that you can go after your mess without AC i also use it to go after flys better than a fly swatter no guts smear 

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