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#4 Storm Jib?

Any racers out there have a #4 (Storm jib) in their inventory? If so, what are the rough dimensions?

As we all know, the Catalina is built to take some pretty tough conditions, and handles exceptionally well when the wind is a blowing! I typically don't reef my 36 Mk II main until the wind clocks over 25kn-30kn steady, at which point we'll likely have the heavy #3 partially battoned jib up. There have been conditions in which i've questioned having a #4 (small storm jib), but my question is whether it would be more prudent at that point to simply go headless (single reefed main), or investing in a hefty storm jib. My main only has one reef point, so another option may be to add a second reef point. I suppose at this point, the wind would be 35kn-45kn+ steady (or likely more). which fortunately doesn't happen too often.


1998 Catalina 36 Mk II
S/V Mata Hari
​Seattle, WA

1998 Catalina 36 Mk II
S/V Mata Hari
​Seattle, WA
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We have a J4 (heavy weather jib) on Image which is roughly 80% overlap and fractional hoist (by 4 ish feet I'd say). I don't have exact measurements. 

I got the sail to meet requirements for coastal and offshore races, I have not used it yet (other than to try it on). It is a nice sail to have though - it's made of cross cut dacron has battens and grommits in the luff as an alternate means of attachment in case the foil breaks. We also have a 2nd reef point in the main. I think the J4 good sail to use in 25+ kts to keep the miles off the fancier J3 which would take a beating. I'd assume you keep the option of running the main in the first reef a bit longer with the J4.

As for going headless, Image, which is a Catalina 38 does not really like it. Speed drops and the boat does not point. The J4 solved that when we tried it out. I suppose you could go full storm jib (got one down below but have not pulled it out of the bag either) but I'd say that's more for 40+ kts upwind which is way out of the range of the J3. I'd say if you want to race in 30+ kts, you want the J4 and the storm jib, if you just want to make it home safely maybe the storm jib is enough. I would not rely on the main alone if possible, especially if you are battling a lee shore.

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Usually race single handed, I set an inner stay to fly a 30sq m Solent Yankee, and a 12sqm storm jib when the wind starts to built up. Until 20 kn AWS we use the furling system from facnor Fd, which has a racing luff profile and a extremly low drum, were I fly a 145 genoa.

Note, in the attached picture, you can see Eureka flying a 30sqm Yankee on the inner stay.

Best regards.


Eladio Vallina

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Do you have some pictures how your inner stay is set up?
Do you use dyneema? 
What is your halyard setup for this inner stay?

Ludovic François
​Hotel Catalina - Catalina 36 Hull #883
Marina Del Rey, CA
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