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Noob about to dive into a dirty job! Help?!

Ahoy -

About to dive into an ambitious project on a new to me 1990 Mark "1.5".  It is fitted with a really cool Lectra San system and a very small holding tank.  Unfortunatly my sailing grounds (Salish Sea) just became a no discharge zone.  I'm not interested in the discussion about why it is still ok to dump treated waste even though it is illegal.  I am a "follow the law" kind of guy.  So... I am about to modify the waste management system back to its orginal state. (I think.)

This will involve purchasing a stock size holding tank, decommisioning the lectra san and a bunch of electrical stuff, and generally simplifying things.  I will probably replace hoses at the same time, and am considering rigid pipe where I can to help with odors.

Can anyone point me to resources on line, or comment on things to consider before I jump in?  I am not very good at searching the archive yet.

Anyone want a used lectra san?!!!

Fair winds!

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The “New Get Rid of Boat Odors” by Peggie Hall is a great reference for what works in heads and other odor generators.  Get it at sailboatowners.com

Buy the best hose you can it will be north of $10/ft.  Make the holding tank vent bigger than you think and hook it to a mushroom thruhull (easy to put a hose on) the bigger vent promotes aerobic activity which doesn’t stink as opposed to anarobic (sp?) which does.  

Good luck - hope to meet you out in the Islands some day.  

Les & Trish Troyer
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Just ordered the book - thanks for the tip!

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I've been going back and forth as to how I want to deal with waste on my boat while we're out cruising. 

I recently towed my boat to my house so I could begin a pretty extensive refit of the old girl. Little did I know I was hauling a 25 gallon tank of poo with me. The marina was supposed to pump the damn thing out but never did. So here I am at my house without any way to pump the tank so I had to get creative. It was by far one of the most disgusting things I've ever dealt with, and the contents in the hoses was freaking nasty. I wouldn't wish that sort of hell on my worst enemy. 

I'm going to be installing a composting head on my boat so I don't have to deal with liquid nastyness ever again. I've done a considerable amount of research on these setups and it seems the only people who think they're "gross" have never had one on their boat. The reviews I've seen from people that own them have absolutely loved them. 

I would recommend doing some research on it and see if it is something that would suit your needs. The extra storage I'm getting back (which I'm going to use for batteries) is worth the effort in my opinion. 

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Thanks guys - anyone have a handy pic of an original configuration?

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This is the diagram and loop from the manual.  I also have a mk1.5, and the only thing different in my setup is that the holding tank is actually mounted longintudinally over where the diagram shows the macerator.  As for rigid pipe, I have read that PVC is probably not a good idea, as the motion of the boat causes a lot of stress on rigid pipes that will eventually cause them to crack/break/leak poo all over the place.  However, many people have replaced their plumbing with PEX with great success *although I do not know if it comes in large enough diameters for all of your sanitation lines).  It is rigid but has enough give that it can take some movement without issue.  Don casey, the godfather of old boat maintenance, recommends PEX for plumbing replacement.  My personal experience was that I wanted to use PEX for my freshwater lines, but with all of the tight spaces, corners, bends, etc., it was much easier to just replace with new marine hose.  I have not had to do the sanitation hoses yet, but will probably go with hig quality hose when I do.

Don Lincoln
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Thanks Don!

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