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Water heater in-hose using wet exhaust hose

The last few inches of the hot water heater in-hose is engine wet exhaust hose - see pictures.  This wet exhaust hose developed a small leak that would spray water whenever the water pressure pump was switched on and so it needs to replaced.

Before replacing would like to check if using wet exhaust hose for this connection is standard on other C-36s.  I'm assuming that it was done this way because the wet exhaust hose would be able to withstand the heat from being up against the hot weater heater.

It was quite a challenge to remove so had to cut ithe hose to loosen it which explains the big cut in the picture.


Jeremy Westerman
"Odette", 2005 Catalina 36 Mk II, #2213
Benicia, CA

Jeremy Westerman
"Odette", 2005 Catalina 36 Mk II, #2213
Benicia, CA
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My connection is also wet exhaust hose.

2002 Cat 36 mkii 2084 TR, WK

Bob & Kim Kissel
s/v "Full Circle"
2002 36 MKII Hull# 2084
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I just used a wire reinforced water hose. Tried going a cheaper route but did not work long term .Do it once, do it right.


David S. Power
Two If By Sea #1687
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Mine is wet exhaust hose as well. 

S/V Xena
2002 Catalina 36 MK II
Hull #2103
Seward, Alaska
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